Welcome to Spirit of Women at Trinity Health Of New England!

Trinity Health Of New England’s Spirit of Women program is a great way for you to get connected to your health and to all of the best services available to you in your community! Whether you’re a woman in your 20s or in your 80s, learn more about all the health topics that matter to you at every stage in life, like nutrition and exercise, bone and joint health, taking care of your heart and mind, reproductive and menopausal health, and much more.

What’s Spirit of Women all about?

Through education, prevention, screenings and early intervention, the Spirit of Women program encourages women and their families to take action for good health in a fun and inspiring way. And, it’s available in our community, exclusively at Trinity Health Of New England member hospitals.

Our Spirit of Women events, focusing on various aspects of your health and well-being, are a great place for you to learn and connect with healthcare providers, services and other women in the community!

Here’s what some of our program attendees have to say about our Spirit of Women network:

  • “Having access to the plethora of information and services offered by Saint Mary’s is wonderful. I may not need to take advantage of it now, but I have it for future use.”
  • “These programs are certainly having an impact on my lifestyle for the good. Every topic has been on target to educate myself in a positive way.”
  • “Spirit of Women is a beautiful group of people building a magnificent community of educated and empowered women.”

See what it’s like to be a part of Spirit at our recent Sparkle events

Our commitment to women’s health

Oftentimes, women are so busy caring for everyone around them, they forget about themselves. Trinity Health Of New England member hospitals are here to help you care for yourself, just as you take care of others. We make women’s health a priority. We understand that women have unique health care needs, and we’re committed to providing the highest level of specialized care. We treat you as an important individual at every age and stage of life, from routine preventive care to the treatment of specific women’s health issues.

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Saint Mary’s Hospital named 2016 Gallery of Pride Winner!

Saint Mary’s Hospital, a member of Trinity Health Of New England, is proud to have been recognized as the 2016 Spirit of Women national Gallery of Pride Grand Prize Winner. Since the Saint Mary’s Spirit of Women program started in 2015, we have grown to over 1,850 members, representing 71 towns, attracting more than 3,800 attendees to our eleven sold-out events, spotlighting more than 25 Saint Mary’s service lines and 75 physicians. Our health podcast, Medically Speaking, is available on iTunes and has over 2,300 listens to date.