Finding Your Voice in Healing

Finding Your Voice in Healing

Comprehensive Women's Health Center - Saint Francis Hospital

Finding Your Voice in Healing – Timothy J Michaels, Certified MBTI Practitioner

A practical session designed to reacquaint you with your natural style of gathering information, making decision, organization your world and finding your energy.  Based on the work of Carl Jung and applied through the technique of the Myers Briggs Assessment instrument, participants will leave this session with a better understanding communicating their needs during times of healing; be it pre-post treatment, surgery, or following a large family gathering.  Healing applies to anytime we are needing to return to our most natural  self in body, mind and spirit, and often starts with the honest conversation we need to have with ourselves regarding what we need.  Following registration, you will be provided with a link and brief instructions to complete your MBTI assessment.

Wednesday, May 22 | 5:30-7 p.m. | Comprehensive Women’s Health Center


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