Generate Health! Event on October 18

Generate Health! Event on October 18

La Bella Vista, 380 Farmwood Road, Waterbury


Join us for Greatest Generation, Silent Generation, & Baby Boomers!

Each generation has its own defining character — music, clothes, hairstyles. And each generation has its own health challenges. The Saint Mary’s Hospital Spirit of Women Network is pleased to present “Generate Health,” a series of programs designed to help you recharge and revitalize your well-being. Treat yourself to an evening of helpful information and active strategies for generating a healthy lifestyle at any age!

Our next program will focus on wide-ranging health issues common to women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, including:
• bone and joint disease
• chronic pain management
• heart issues
• breast cancer

Of course, women of all ages can share the same health concerns, so this program is open to all.

Wednesday, October 18
5:30-6:15pm Registration and Dinner
6:15-8:00pm Michelle Gotay, Humorist, Program and Q & A
La Bella Vista, 380 Farmwood Road, Waterbury

Admission is free. Pre-registration is required by Friday, October 13. Register here.